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Nilco H3 Nilglass Glass Cleaner Trigger 500ml
Nilco H3 Nilglass Glass Cleaner Trigger 500ml
Usage instructions Nilglass professional glass and mirror cleaner

Nilco H3 Nilglass Glass Cleaner Trigger 500ml

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High-performance glass and mirror cleaner

  • Smear-free shine
  • High performance cleaner - Used by glass industry professionals
  • For glass, mirrors, windows and reflective surfaces

Nilco Nilglass Glass Cleaner is a smear-free glass cleaner ideal for most types of glass, mirrors, windscreens and most hard surfaces including reflective surfaces, laminates and chrome-plated items.

Britain's leading commercial glass cleaner


  1. Open spray dispenser nozzle
  2. Spray sparingly onto the surface, avoiding overspray
  3. On stubborn deposits, leave to soal for a short time before wiping clean
  4. Select a small manageable area and work over the glass surface with a lint-free, soft, absorbent cloth
  5. Buff until dry, turning cloth repeatedly
  6. Close dispenser nozzle after use

Do not apply in direct sunlight

Do not allow to dry on surfaces before removing

Do not dilute with water