Welcome to Nilco

Nilco is the professional’s choice for essential cleaning chemicals for housekeeping, washrooms, catering and the licenced trade.

We have a range of products designed to be used on multpile hard surfaces found in kitchens, washrooms, bathrooms and the home.
Our products are specially formulated for professional environments where COSHH and FSA regulations are paramount and performance is essential. For the professional user Health and Safety and hygiene are so important we have developed an easy to use web based system to monitor cleaning, the Active Audit.

Nilco is developed and manufactured by James Briggs Limited. Founded in the North of England almost two centuries ago, James Briggs Limited is proud to be one of Europe’s largest consumer chemicals businesses today.
Still at home in Oldham, we have the capacity to distribute up to 150 million aerosols and 30 million litres of high performance product, every year.