Nilco Professional Washroom and Bathroom Cleaner 1 litre
Washroom and Bathroom cleaner spray - Nilco
Nilco W2 Washroom & Bathroom Cleaner 1L
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Nilco W2 Washroom & Bathroom Cleaner 1L

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Nilco W2 Washroom & Bathroom Cleaner is a mildly acidic detergent cleaner/sanitizer for most bathroom and washroom applications.

The deep-clean action removes water marks and inhibits the build-up of limescale deposits as well as getting rid of grime, soap scum and body oils.

BS EN 1276 Compliant

Where to use

Nilco W2 Washroom & Bathroom Cleaner can be used on all water and acid resistant substrates, including glass and all conventional plastic and ceramic bathroom and washroom fixtures and fittings, shower curtains, trays, etc.

It is particularly useful for maintaining cleaned surfaces against hard water deposits, and body greases.

Where not to use

Nilco W2 Washroom & Bathroom Cleaner may not be used on vitreous surfaces including enamelled baths.

On gold plated fixtures and fittings.

On horizontal areas where retained residues my cause a slippery surface.

On cementitious or decorative marble substrates.

Always assess an inconspicuous area prior to use.

How to Use:

  1. Remove hair and other loose deposits from the area
  2. Open the nozzle and spray sparingly onto the surface (spray on to cloth for small confined areas)
  3. Wipe with a cloth or sponge and rinse
  4. On stubborn deposits, leave to soak for a short time before wiping clean. The use of a soft brush will assist with the removal of deposits.
  5. Close dispense nozzle after use

DO NOT dilute with water or allow to dry on the bathroom surface before removal